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Gamer - noun, \ˈgā-mər\ - One who plays, loves, and is motivated primarily by games. Gamers have no borders, no nations, and span every demographic in the world.  If you know any children, adolecents, or adults, chances are you you know a Gamer.


Wikid Games pushes the limitations of interactive advertising through the most popular and engaging possible formats:  iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android and e-learning game and app design and development. Utilizing crystal clear graphics and addictive game play mechanics, our Interactive gaming and app studio produces an experience instead of just a game or app.  We provide businesses with the unique tools they need to promote their brand to one of the most important markets: the Gamers.


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We develop for iPhone, iPad, iOS, PC, Android and Web




Out With The Old, In With The New


Online Gaming is a billion dollar industry providing new platforms for businesses to successfully market their brand. It has evolved into a huge trend for marketers due to the ability online gaming has in building brand loyalty, community growth and increasing sales.


Marketing is simple, meet the audience where they spend a good portion of their time, the internet. Studies have been done proving that half of online gaming users aged 18-44 play social games every day. Whether humans will admit to it or not, we are obsessed with winning and engage ourselves in competition daily. Online games that provide leader boards, prizes, challenges, contests and community forums is the most powerful way to engage and create a vibrant community. Even if they are not a customer yet, providing a rewarding game experience for others betters your chance for new potential customers.


Online gaming has evolved into its own world where the realism of its graphics are impeccable. Brands everywhere have begun to add game mechanics to all forms of marketing campaigns. Incorporating different levels of interaction is extremely advantageous. It allows businesses to cross-promote and engage the audience with these new platforms.


Traditional styles of advertising are losing their effectiveness with game playing being on the rise and vying for customer’s attention. Games are a proven, effective and even more pervasive and entrenched marketing tool that has created a cultural movement and a technological marvel.


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